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Vista Alegre S.R.L. is a new production project that was born in mid-2012. It encompasses the stages of production, packaging and commercialization, with its operating platform in Alto Valle of Río Negro and Neuquén in Argentinean North Patagonia, an area traditionally known for Pears and Apples crops. Vista Alegre is situated in a Free Fruit Fly Zone.

The company centers its focus on developing the business of Cherries, to which end it counts, up to the moment, with 200 hectares of its own, of which 50 hectares are in full production and the remaining 150 hectares will come into full production over the next 4 years.

Besides of Cherry production and its later commercialization during the months of November and December (off-season to North hemisphere markets), Vista Alegre SRL is dedicated to trading of all kinds of fruits but especially fruits that grow in Rio Negro and Neuquén valley such as Pears and Apples.


Vista Alegre S.R.L. gives the provision of Cold Service in its Conventional atmosphere and controlled atmosphere cold rooms, for different companies and other producers of Pear, Apple and other stone fruits mainly. It has a storage capacity of 10.000 tons and has plastic bins for the producers who take on the cold service.

Vista Alegre S.R.L.

Email: export@vistalegre.com.ar
Phone: +54 299 4899758