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A productive project of 200 hectares exclusive of cherries in the Patagonia Argentina.


Years of experience working with cherries
Since 2012
Leading company in Argentina located in Patagonia

Vista Alegre S.R.L. is a productive project that was born in 2012. The Company make focus on the development of the cherries business, with its operating platform in the Alto Valle de Río Negro and Neuquén.

Vista Alegre is a


We have a total of 200 exclusive hectares of cherries. We work a total of 7 varieties of this fruit.


We carry out all the packing work in our plant located 2km from our plantations. We use the newest technology for this process.


We sell our products in 2.5kg and 5kg containers to various continents such as Asia, Europe and North America.

We have 200 hectares of cherries that are harvested between November and December.

We have our own packing house just 2 km from our plantations, we exclusively handle our own fruit, which allows us to take care of all traceability from the orchards until the product leaves our packaging.


Uniform harvest color

At the time of harvest, 2 passes are made, looking for colors between 3 and 5 to achieve a uniform color.


Manual separation of stem

At the time of harvesting, the fruits are separated to achieve a final product with a complete and green stem.


Sizes between 24mm a +34mm

Our sizes are XLARGE (24-26mm), JUMBO (26-28mm), XJUMBO (28-30mm), GIANT (30-32mm) y XGIANT (32-+34mm).

During the harvest at Vista Alegre we make focus on color separation sizes

We believe that quality always starts in the field. To do this, we plan the harvest every day and supervise the following aspects.

  • Uniform fruit color between color 3 and 5
  • Manual separation of stem
  • Sizes between 24mm a +34mm

Varieties of our cherries

Our plantations are divided into 7 varieties of cherries to supply the different needs of the markets.

Royal Dawn
Sweet Heart

The fruit must have a minimum firmness of 70 Durofel units, at the time of processing.


The color of the fruit must be between color 3 and 5, to achieve a uniform product.


The sugars must exceed 18 degrees Brix, to achieve a minimum of sweetness.

Packing house with cutting edge technology

Unitec Cherry Vision 3 - 12 line machine

This machine allows us to pack homogeneous, high-quality cherries.

Big capacity and temperature control

Packaging capacity of 100 tons/day. A carefully controlled temperature process allows us to extend the useful life of our cherries and thus reach our customers fresher.

Our clients

We export to North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.